5 Tips for a Romantic Massage


By Eva Aguirre

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and you are probably looking for the best gift for your sweetheart. Ideas probably range from a romantic dinner to a floral arrangement or jewelry. But have your thought of complementing these details with the experience of a couple’s massage?

Brace yourself with confidence and follow these 5 tips for a romantic massage to your partner, an action that will help you keep the love alive –without leaving home.

  1. Warned your partner

Pick up the phone, make a call and warned your partner of the surprise that is waiting for him/her at home. This will cause a whole-day thrill until the expected time.

  1. Prepare the place

Let your creativity flow and decorate the room with soft lights, scented candles, soft music and the perfect temperature.

  1. Disconnect from the world

The time is yours and you cannot let anything interrupt this moment. Turn off cell phones and anything that could cause distractions. If you have children, ask someone you trust to take care of them for a moment –you must find a space far from the daily routine.

  1. A soft and delicate massage

Start by asking your partner to lay face-down on the bed. Apply a little oil on your partner’s back and using your hands give him/her gentle manipulations and continue doing on each body part –your movements have to be smooth and rhythmic.

  1. Identify the delicate points

Some parts of the body are more sensitive than others, so it is recommended to pay special attention when doing the massage. Try to make it softer in areas where vital organs are located and near the spine. As a final tip, focus more on the feet and scalp- these points are very sensitive, if you know how to work these areas properly, you will make your partner to rest and relax.

All tips shared here are applicable for both, so the two can massage, or even receive it.

In our Grand Velas Spa, we have thought of you, therefore we have created a therapy exclusively for couples to regain, love and create memories together. Enjoy a relaxing massage to release the body and be in proper harmony in a romantic atmosphere.

We promise that you and your partner will renew your love and will feel the magic of this Romantic Ritual.