7 Apps That Will Help You De-Stress

Work, school, family, traffic … I can list an endless number of things that make stress an uncomfortable presence in so many people’s lives. It can even lead to illness.

There are many methods for getting of stress and being able to relax, but often what you don’t have is time to do them. Fortunately, technology lends us a helping hand. All you have to do is grab your Smartphone or tablet, download the following apps and take a break during your day to try them out.

Here are 7 applications that will help ease your stress:


app colorfy

Coloring is one of the most de-stressing activities I can think of, which is why this app is first on the list. It allows you to color in different pictures of animals, plants, mandalas and famous works of art. It is a form of therapy for anxiety and beating the routine.

Zen Koi

zen koi app

Virtual pets with great relaxation powers; breed, raise and collect Koi fish, with meditative music and sound effects that will make you forget everything.  

Relax Melodies Oriental Meditation Sounds

Relax Melodies Oriental Meditation Sounds app

Create your Zen space. This app allows you to combine environmental sounds (rain, wind, drops, waterfalls, etc.) with peaceful music. As an extra, it offers articles about relaxation methods.

Epic Zen Garden

Epic Zen Garden app

Features a beautiful and detailed Zen garden with koi fish pond, where you can move the water with your finger, as well as the leaves on the trees and the sand.

Brainwave Tuner Life

Brainwave Tuner Life app

After a long day at work it can be hard to fall asleep. This app emits sounds that change your brain wave signals, in order to help you achieve deep sleep, meditation, relaxation, attention and help with headaches.


Buddhify app

Create a meditative space amidst your daily activities; Buddhify adapts your sessions according to your current situation (working, exercising, going to work, etc.)


pacifica app

Fight anxiety and release stress through deep breathing and muscle relaxation exercises. The interactive guide keeps a log of your moods; you rate your feelings and sensations during the day, so you can see how they change.

In addition to these 7 apps, there are many more that you can download on your mobile devices and use to take 5 minutes for a relaxing break. Don’t let the daily grind cause your body to be invaded by stress.

Take these recommendations and you’ll see that you feel less stressed over time.