The Benefits of Aromatherapy


Aromatherapy is used as a treatment for many different health issues. It also provides immediately-noticeable benefits.

There’s no better end to a stressful week than a good aromatherapy massage session at the Grand Velas Spa.

Aromatherapy is a technique that promotes health and wellbeing through the olfactory sense and its effect on various parts of the body and psyche. Plant properties are used to satisfy the needs of the mind, body and spirit. Since the times of the ancient Egyptians aromatherapy was used as part of the daily ritual; as a means of relaxation and to heal the skin.


An aromatic massage heals through the sense of touch and smell. It is perfect for muscular discomfort as it provides immediate relief. By specifically working on the muscle fibers, the muscle relaxes and recovers from the pain of sudden movements or prolonged postures, obliterating points of stress.

Your skin will also be improved, by the removal of dead cells and elimination of pollution and contamination. Aromatherapy provides relaxation through the use of oils with proven calming effects, as well as benefiting your immune system and promoting better vascular and lymphatic circulation.

Some of the visible benefits to be gained through aromatherapy arediminished premenstrual syndrome, menopausal symptoms, digestive problems, stress, hypertension, insomnia, muscle and joint stiffness, lethargy and low energy levels.

It is recommended that you do a skin test before applying large amounts of scented oils, by applying diluted oil behind the wrist and covering it for about 12 hours. If irritation occurs, try another scented oil, making sure that it is all natural.

Have you ever tried aromatherapy? What is your favorite essence? Do you notice that it makes you feel better?



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