Casa Velas: An Excellent Place to Be Pampered

By Haydé Escalante

A visit to the Casa Velas Spa in the Marina Vallarta is a simply amazing experience. With its soothing combination of colors, fresh flower petal mandalas to draw away your negativity and the unique aroma of citrus to welcome you, this relaxing journey will exceed your expectations.

masaje en casa velas

I sat in the reception area before being met by Spa manager Martha Huerta, who took down all my health information before my treatment. After my consultation with Martha, Emma –my spa concierge- led me to the changing area, where I was left to prepare myself for a well-deserved massage.

My masseuse directed me to the treatment room- an area decorated in soothing beige with a chair in the corner and the massage table right in the middle. The lighting was low and the hint of lavender in the atmosphere was already helping me to feel relaxed.

My masseuse invited me to take a seat so that she could begin the welcome ritual. This ritual consists of bathing your feet with a scented lavender or eucalyptus exfoliant, as a way to disconnect you from the outside world. I must say it’s an excellent way to start the treatment; not only does the pleasant aroma help you to feel calm, but your feet and legs start to feel relief from the weekly stress.

I was then asked to take off my Spa robe and top and lay face down on the massage table; she left the room and told me to ring a pair of cymbals whenever I was ready. Since I was already relaxed and beyond comfortable, I snuggled up in the blankets, so ready for my back massage.

The first thing the masseuse did was to hold her hands, scented with lavender oil, over my face; she asked me to inhale deeply. She then worked her way around my body, beginning with my arms and legs, then applying deeper pressure on my neck and shoulder area– I spend numerous hours hunched over a computer so this was really appreciated. My lower back was treated with a little more pressure, which definitely released tension in every muscle and nerve in that spot.

At the end of the massage I was feeling relieved. The questionnaire I filled outat the beginning helped the masseuse to carefully tackle every area that needed special treatment as a consequence of my daily activities. Anyone with aches, pains or back issues will really appreciate a massage here at Casa Velas Resort.

The Spa treatments at Casa Velas will appeal to anyone who is looking to renew their sense of wellbeing while enjoying a sense of luxury in every single detail – the Spa edibles and products are incredible here. The service is beyond expected and the level of staff professionalism couldn’t be higher.

If you are looking to pamper yourself after a long week, this is definitely the place. Be ready to be rejuvenated and have your internal energy restored!



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