Five ways that can help you eliminate stress naturally

By Betsua Salazar

Translated by Nyima Bieber

how to eliminate stress

Stress is a corporal auto defense mechanism towards any situation that may alter our emotional tranquility; this means that it will naturally occur whenever one feels a threat. It’s symptoms are common in our everyday life: obesity, jitters, depression, hair loss and insomnia are just a few. So, it’s always good to be aware of them in order to prevent serious health issues.

I have five ways that can help you eliminate stress naturally, through the production of endorphins; also known as the happiness drug.

como eliminar el estres


Physical activity is not only good for staying in shape. With this activity we liberate endorphins- so the more as you practice you will increase their production. As a result you will feel great. Experts recommend starting off by walking 30 minutes a day.

2-Therapeutic Massage

Contact with skin and the sensation of relaxation help to produce endorphins. If stress is bothering you, do not hesitate to book an appointment with your masseuse and receive  a therapeutic massage.


A chocolate bar can help you in stressful situations, thanks to its ability to generate the “happiness drug” to give you a sensation of wellness. Do not abuse it- a small portion is more than enough. Although its effect is momentary, it will relax you.


4-Go Shopping

A study done at the Massachusetts’ Institute of Technology confirms that going shopping accelerates the production of endorphins. It will help you forget about those annoying things that affect your mood.


Sex is an effective way of relieving stress, because when you engage in it you liberate this hormone. It also help you to achieve a better night’s sleep.

So now you know! The most important thing is to identify the situations that stress you out and try these five options to help improve your mood.



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