Four Hands Silk Scarf Therapy

By: Reyna Dominguez

Ancient cultures from all over the world have known for many years the broad benefits derived from getting massages.

Most countries have developed special massage techniques that have been created and carefully mold over time with the intention to achieve specific purposes, such as spiritual balance, mind ease, body nourishment and so on.

Inspired by the enchanting islands of Hawaii, the intriguing rituals on Asia & the colorful mysticism of India, we have blended some of these useful techniques to offer a very unique massage using silk scarves!


The Four-Hands Silk Scarf Therapy offers a synergy of sensations combining special stretching techniques using a soft length of silk, and a Lomi-Juma balancing massage movement’s technique. This innovative therapy of 80 minutes will help unblock the vital energy channels to release tension, melt away accumulated stress and restore flexibility.

The first technique accurately performed by two professional’s therapists consists of mobilizing all regions of the body by only using the silk scarves. The elegant, gently wrapping and “soft touch to the skin” movements will make the body feel weightless and nourished.

By adding the Lomi-Juma Hawaiian hands technique of flowing, caring massage movements the body gets surrounded by a calming effect helping to open the channels for a freely energy flow.

If you enjoy doing stretching, yoga or meditation on regular basis, and looking to experience an out of the ordinary massage, you will be pleasantly surprised by it.

Multiple benefits are related to this therapy: it stimulates the nervous system, the circulatory system, the immune system and releases muscular tension, helping to obtain a better posture. It is also recommended for neurological conditions mainly cause by stress, restoring balance, helping to clear the mind, cleanse the body and providing an overall sense of contentment.

It is not recommended when pregnant or nursing, lack of mobility, nor people with a recent surgery or fracture.

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