Why Go to a Spa

By Betsua Salazar

Translated by Nyima Bieber

por qué ir a un spaWe live such a hurried life; always going from here to there, always running … The more urban and monotonous our lifestyles become the more we crave and need time away from it all; a place to catch our breath- this is the answer to the question, why go to a spa?

Let’s give our body and mind a relaxing, out of the ordinary experience; let’s disconnect from the real world. The following are my 10 reasons to go to a Spa.


After working so hard during the week, it’s important to take at least one day per month to go to the spa and allow ourselves to get a massage or treatment that lets the body show the beauty that has been overshadowed by so many activities.


A specially trained therapist can help if you have an injury. There are specific treatments and massages for your needs. Be sure to let your therapist know about your condition.


From the moment you enter a Spa your senses awaken; mainly sight, hearing and smell due to the soft, delicate ambiance. I promise you that going to a Spa will provide you with the relaxation you’ve lost during your daily life.


Sometimes our state of mind can become so worn down by situations that arise. Going to a Spa will help you forget and disconnect from the world for a moment. Do not forget to do your part to make this work; when you leave you’ll feel revived and refreshed.

5-Toning the Body

The passage of time or neglect of our bodies can become increasingly apparent. All you need is a little help from a firming treatment. If you do it consistently and consume a balanced diet you’ll see very noticeable changes. You can also counteract that annoying cellulite or sagging.


Our face is the first thing we show to people every day. Having freshly cleansed skin will make us look more hydrated and radiant.

7-Eliminate toxins

Dead skin cells give you a hard, dull or stiff appearance. If you want to have soft and smooth skin a good exfoliation will help.

8- Bridesporque ir a un spa en grand velas

If you’re getting married soon and want to have perfect skin, a body wrap is the ideal solution. In a spa you’ll find all kinds of treatments to beautify yourself from head to toe and make you look beautiful for that day.


If what you need is to look radiant for a night without too much effort, there are treatments specifically for that; ask your Spa consultant for a recommendation and you’ll see that you’ll be the envy of everyone there.

10- Just because!

Simply because you deserve it and you should pamper yourself, go to a Spa and choose your favorite treatment. You can go to relax or just to enjoy a day to yourself.



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