A Few Great Ways to Work Out During your Vacation

By Haydé Escalante

One of the reasons I really enjoy working out is the ‘me’ time it give me. Even when I go on vacation it’s always nice to have that moment and take a break from everything – it energizes my body and refreshes my mind.

vacaciones en la playa

Here are five workouts you can do on vacation that will keep you in shape and mentally balanced.

Resort Fitness Center:

Wake up early and visit the resort’s gym. You can easily plan a routine to get your session in; even if you spend a little less time than usual you’ll still be full of energy for the entire day.

I suggest doing some cardio but you can really go with any routine you like- the point is to get to the gym in the first place. Also, check with the Concierge to see if they have any extra services you can take advantage of. Some resort gyms have trainers that will gladly help with your routine.


If you like golfing, some resorts offer exclusive access to top golf courses in stunning locales. For a better workout, ditch the cart (unless it’s obligatory) and carry your clubs on the course. You’ll burn another 200-300 calories per hour.



I love playing tennis on vacation; just like golf, practicing tennis can be as hard or easy as you feel like that day. Ask the hotel if they have equipment you can borrow and get out on the court!


If you are looking for a more relaxing workout and something that works well with the vacation state of mind, practice yoga. During a beach getaway you can take a yoga mat or towel to the beach and just stretch it all out to the sound of the waves.

Some beach resorts also offer yoga classes, and even pilates with qualified instructors; find out the schedule and work out in the comfort of your hotel. Námaste!

There are truly an endless number of ways to exercise and keep working out during your vacation.  Don’t let your new surroundings ruin your motivation! You can even discover new things to add to your daily routine. Try something new in paradise and enjoy your time away from home even more.



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