Hydrotherapy as a method of relaxation

By Betsua Salazar

Translated by Nyima Bieber

Visiting a world class Spa and hydrotherapy circuit as luxurious as the Grand Velas Spa has been one of the best pampering rituals I have ever experienced.


It all started with the friendly service in the Spa reception area; I was given a natural orange beverage scented with anise, for the Vallarta-Nayarit heat. They then guided me to the locker area, where I was able to store my belongings without any concern that they would be completely safe. And then the tour began.

I put on my bathing suit and my Spa Valet asked if I was ready. Of course I said yes, even though I was a bit anxious. The first step was the pressure shower pressure; the water wasn’t hot or cold, but it was necessary for balancing my body temperature before entering the Sauna. Since it was my first time, I asked to stay for just 10 minutes. The time flew by- I didn’t feel the heat, I was actually excited.

After the sauna I went back into the pressure shower and then to the steam room- with eucaliptus, what a surprise! My airways began to open; it was impressive how easy it was to breathe, and my skin became soft. In the center of the steam room there was a crystal that changed color every so often. The sight of it was very relaxing; I spent 10 minutes in the steam and then went back in the pressure shower.

hidroterapia spa

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, I was taken to the Swiss Shower. The Spa Butler asked me to take a seat and the shower began to massage my back. It was delicious, I could have stayed there for hours but eventually I had to leave. I went back to the Pressure Shower and from there to the Hydro-Reflexology area. I received a water pressure massage on my feet and legs; a completely relaxing moment accompanied by gourmet details- hibiscus water and nuts.

Finally I was taken to the Jacuzzi and hot and cold immersion lagoons. I showered after the entire circuit and relaxed in the lounge area, where I fell fast asleep. The Hydrotherapy Circuit was profoundly sedating. The entire time I was there my attentive Spa Valet made sure I had everything I needed.

I would love to go again- don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Grand Velas Spa, you’ll be amazed.



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