Know all the benefits of practicing yoga in Mexico

To practice yoga is one of the most relaxing activities to do in Mexico. The benefits of this discipline are often perceived only in the physical but not in the spiritual perspective. However, this activity requires certified teachers to guide you through such an incredible journey. Here we share all the benefits of practicing yoga in Mexico.

Last weekend, the renowned yoga instructor Ana Paula Domínguez (Director of the Mexican Institute of Yoga) was at Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit. She shared her knowledge to the guests, who reached great satisfaction.

Improves flexibility: It helps the body posture and eases the back pain and tensions. In addition, you will be able to make difficult moves, after some time of practice.

yoga 1

Relieves the muscle tension: It releases the accumulated tension in the body and mind, and strengthens the muscles.

yoga 2

Protects the bones: It prevents diseases such as osteoporosis or bone degeneration. Standing positions are perfect for legs and hipbones.

yoga 3

Improves sleep patterns: Based on a research done by the National Cancer Institute in United States, it was found out that people that practice yoga are more likely to fall sleep without any medication.

yoga 4

Reduces stress: From the first yoga class, you will feel relax and in peace in an emotional and physical level. It helps people to reach happiness and to reduce depression.


As we have seen, there are many benefits when practicing yoga. The next time you Mexico, take a yoga class on the beach! See for yourself and share your experience with us!