New Year, New Skin at the Spa

Servicio- Spa-NYE

After completing a year of work, worries and stress there’s no better way to start the next cycle than with a relaxing massage and facial, start the year with a new skin. This is a combination that will help you start the New Year by eliminating stress and revitalizing the skin you have being wearing for the last 365 days.

Massage helps to stimulate your body’s production of elastin and restore the tone it has lost. The pressure level can be varied according to your taste – massage treatments help eliminate the tension accumulated in different parts of your body.

The facial improves the smoothness, softness and cleanliness of your skin, in addition to activating the circulation to help prevent annoying wrinkles.

A pampering, relaxing interlude at the Spa is the perfect gift to your body, to rejuvenate your skin and prepare for what may come in 2015.

Head to your favorite Spa or look for one in your area that offers luxurious massage and facial services. If you’re on vacation, look to the resort Spas in the destination. Many offer special Spa Packages to help renew your vital energy.

Relax, indulge and enjoy a wonderful New Year in 2015!



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