Prenatal massage: What are the Benefits?


By Silvia Medina

During pregnancy, you can begin to experience various changes in your body as the baby continues to grow in your belly. Some of these changes may cause some discomfort like backaches, bloating, cramps, insomnia, and circulatory problems, among others.

A pregnancy massage is an excellent alternative to leave behind these hassles while you pamper and spend time for yourself. The feeling of tranquility, relaxation and wellbeing achieved during this therapy, is also transmitted to the baby. A maternal caress creates a sublime connection between the two.

Here we share a list of things you should know about prenatal massage:

  • It helps the mother-to-be reduce levels of stress or anxiety. It also works to raise levels of serotonin, a crucial hormone in our mood.
  • It is recommended after having passed the first trimester of pregnancy stage where the vast majority of symptoms are experinced.
  • It relieves pain that occur in parts of thee body such as the back, legs, sciatic nerve, among others.
  • It reduces inflammation levels in the body by avoiding fluid retention.
  • It reduces the risk of stretch marks by improving circulation.

 Before you decide to take this massage, we suggest you, to have the authorization of your gynecologist. He or she will have the best recommendation for you.

You can also do some stretches and exercises at home to relax the pelvic area and ease tensions that generate stiff joints and limbs; this will ensure you an adequate rest. Ask any of our therapist for them so you can perform them correctly.