The Huichol legacy: ancient rituals for modern spas

Huichol Legancy

The Huichols or Wixarica (as they call themselves) are a community of indigenous people who live in the northern area of the state of Jalisco, as well as in Nayarit, Durango and Zacatecas in Mexico.

Their art, language and mystical rituals have endured over the centuries since pre-colonial times. The Huichols have a special bond with nature and believe that certain elements are part of their family, such as Father sun, Mother Earth, Grandfather sun, Maize and others. They also believe that by performing rituals they will be blessed with good health.

Mexico seeks to share its culture with the world through art, cuisine and the ancient rituals of the Huichol people. Many spas in Mexico offer native rituals combined with sophisticated spa treatments, using natural products. The spa at Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit is one such spa. Inspired by the wisdom of our ancestors, the spa offers the Cora Massage, Metsere Treatment, Tau- Sol Exfoliation, Kupuri Oxygenating Facial and more.

These treatments not only provide the well-being and balance achieved by a common spa treatment; the wisdom of these indigenous rituals creates a life changing experience.



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