Tips for a Successful Day at the Spa

By Haydé Escalante

You’ve decided to spoil yourself and spend a day at the Spa. That is awesome; you need to pamper yourself once in a while! To make the most of it, we have some tips you can follow to make your day at the Spa as pleasant and relaxing as possible.

1.       Ask Plenty of Questions

Remember to discuss any medical conditions with the Spa Concierge before booking your appointment. Ask for appropriate treatments according to your health and physical condition. But remember, your ultimate goal for the day- relaxation, rejuvenation, toning, etc. – will determine which facilities and services are most suitable for you. This is also your time to ask about the details of the rituals; the Spa Concierge should be able to walk you through each treatment or therapy step by step to help you make your final decision.


2.       Enjoy the Spa Amenities

Plan to arrive at least 30 minutes before your treatment to enjoy the Spa’s facilities, or just to make sure you have plenty of time to find parking and fill out paperwork. If you arrive ahead of schedule it will give you time to check in, take a shower, have some healthy snacks or just enjoy a moment of peace and quiet before your soothing experience begins.


3.       Get Comfortable

Remember, this is your time to enjoy, so feel free to speak up if you experience discomfort during any of your treatments. If you’re getting a massage, make your masseuse aware of your preferences –the right pressure, which oil you prefer, the room’s temperature and so on. You’ll also want to be able to stay comfortable after your treatment– wear loose comfortable clothing or bring a change of clothes with you.


4.       Drink Tons of Water

It’s important to remain well hydrated during your day Spa; this will help with elimination of toxins and allow you to enjoy the full benefits of your treatment. Remember to drink plenty of water before and after your Spa appointment. Avoid eating a heavy meal before heading to the Spa, and plan for a healthy light meal and plenty of rest afterwards.


Expect to be totally relaxed after your day at the Spa. Try not to shower for a few hours after the treatment to take full advantage of the moisturizing properties of any oils used; allow them to be absorbed by your skin. Take this time to clear your mind, relax and meditate; you’ll return to the “real world” with a fresh start, both mentally and physically.



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