What is chromotherapy?


By Eva Aguirre

Chromotherapy, known as color therapy is a therapeutic technique that involves using visible or not visible properties of 8 different colors. Each emits different vibrations and possesses characteristics that can soothe, inspire, balance or change our perceptions.

From the point of view of many experts, the colors used in chromotherapy, provide beneficial health effects. This therapy can also be done at home, using color in a particular area of the body for 30 minutes daily. After 15 days you will begin to experience the benefits.

Here are some important features of the colors used in chromotherapy:


Associated with the intellect, stimulates the brain and the nervous system and facilitates concentration. It is also associated with the achievement of objectives and overcoming fears.


The orange color is seen as a symbol of feminine energy, joy and happiness. Their benefits are exploited to treat asthma, mental disorders and muscle.


This is a stimulating color, usually applied to treat disorders such as physical energy apathy, anemia, and neurasthenia, among others.


Used to boost the immune system. It’s used in the treatment for infections. It is credited with a calming effect on the psychological and physical appearance.


Color associated with serenity, balance and harmony. It is recommended in cases of anxiety and physical exhaustion.


Associated with peace, serenity and tranquility; it’s used to calm, a good ally for those suffering from insomnia.


It symbolizes spirituality. Its use is recommended for the treatment of emotional distress such as anxiety, fear and anger.


It relates to spirituality. Its use allows you to get rid of ideas and thoughts that not help you. It is used to treat emotional aspects of a person.


At Grand Velas Spa, you can enjoy of chromotherapy, you can where you can accompany it with treatments like Ancient Stone massage, Shidhara, Diamond Magnetic treatment or within the Hydrotherapy Circuit.

We invite you to surprise yourself with the benefits of these therapies- An experience that will seduce your senses!